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[whitespace] Angels Ultra Lounge and Cabaret

Angels Ultra Lounge and Cabaret

400 South First St., San Jose; Tel. 408.885.9588
Open Thu-Sat 10pm-2am. 10 cover. 21 and over.
Level dance floor, girls in angel wings, VIP room, concierge services, three projection TVs plus two plasma screens showing videos and visuals

THE CURRENT operators of the ever-changing nightspot at 400 S. First St., San Jose, hope to conjure the hip vibe of Miami, Vegas and L.A. with the freshly broken-in Angels Ultra Lounge and Cabaret. After three months—so far, so good. The club is certainly unique in the South Bay. How many other local nightspots can claim to have gyrating female dancers scantily clad in winged angels outfits? Angels can. How many other San Jose clubs have a concierge service that caters to corporate bigwigs, professional athletes and Diddy-wannabes by offering luxuries as private charter jet service and reservations at the best restaurants? Angels can do that for you.

Angels got off to a big start at its grand-opening celebration back in August. The club received a complete makeover, which included, most drastically, doing away with that annoying slant that used to run down from the door to the stage. Going for a heavenly motif, Angels features white walls, illuminated frosted glass, plush white furnishings, pearl-white low-back couches and, of course, those winged dancers. Real players make it into the VIP area, where an oversized bed, private restroom and bar, and plasma TVs are extra amenities.

The club boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and high-end lighting. The winged dancers (them again?) working the catwalk stage are sure to get their share of guys in trouble with their significant others. — Jim Harrington

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From the October 5-11, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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