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College rock band Pseudopod returns to the South Bay.

Action Reaction

Reaction 31 had all systems in overdrive last Saturday at Kleidon's

By Sarah Quelland

BEFORE THE NIGHT was over, Reaction 31 blew out the power at Kleidon's Lounge not once, but twice. Evidently the same thing happened the night before in Concord, so the band took it all in stride. In the midst of the brief blackout, Bics were flicked and arena-style chants of "Reaction!" and "31!" didn't subside until the power, and the band, was back on.

Reaction 31 played Kleidon's last Saturday (Oct. 5) with SECURITY and Alien Love Syndrome. This confident band knows how to work a crowd and even has its own hand sign, which fans throw in the air as a show of support. Reaction's harsh brand of metal is driven by heavy grooves and dark, sinister melodies. Though the band's intense and energetic frontman, Matty C, is the focal point, guitarist and secondary vocalist Mark is crucial to the band's dynamic. He looked downright disturbed as he sang low harmonies just under Matt's range with an unsettling smile spread across his face. Reaction's presentation is effective. The group's latest recording, Return to Zero, should be out soon. Visit www.reaction31.com for more info.

New to the scene, San Jose rock trio Alien Love Syndrome opened up the Saturday-night rock show. Enthusiastic frontman Cameron Lazzari proved to be an accomplished guitarist, and his vocal style can be described as a heavy Elvis Costello. Meanwhile, the music comes across as a catchy blend of Nirvana, Frank Black and the Police tumble-dried with a psychedelic spin. At Kleidon's, where bands are often given the opportunity to play longer-than-average sets, Saturday's show saw extended guitar and drum solos. ALS plays Kleidon's again Monday (Oct. 14) with Point 3, another talented up-and-coming local rock trio.

POD ROCK: With jumpy jazz horns and slap-happy wah-wah funk, California jam band Pseudopod (Interscope Records) is sure to get the dance floor grooving. Its mellow rock-fusion and sunny pop vibe give it a kinship to bands like Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews Band. This band goes over well with the college crowd, and fresh off a tour with Live, Pseudopod has two local dates lined up: one on Oct. 10 at the Stanford Coffee House and another on Oct. 12 as part of Bronco Blowout week at Santa Clara University. The band plays Stanton Field with Left Hand Smoke at 7pm.

HEAVEN SENT: dredg is wrapping up its local series of CD-release shows in support of its latest, El Cielo (Interscope). Following a concert at the Pound in San Francisco tonight (Oct. 10), dredg plays a free acoustic show Sunday (Oct. 13) at 3pm at Rasputin Music in Campbell. The band plays again next Friday (Oct. 18) at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz (with Divided, Tenfold and Codeseven) before flying off to Europe.

CLASSIFIED INFO: Agenda is actively searching for a new music booking agent. Qualified persons can fax their résumé to 408.287.4087 or call 408.287.3991 and ask for Jacek Rosicki. ... Bands interested in working with Stikmon's company Big Ass International to set up a European tour can email Stik at [email protected].

HOT TOPIC: The pummeling Silicon Valley Metal Fest II hits the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell Sunday (Oct. 13), with doors opening at 4pm. For $10, catch metal bands Impaled, Deeds of the Flesh, Severed Savior, Psypheria, Osmium, Asylum, Ragweed, Maelstrom, Hostility, San Resina and Dead Syndicate at this show sponsored by Powerslave.com and Guitar Showcase. ... Slated for Oct. 19 at Shoreline Amphitheatre, the Silicon Valley Beer Festival features local bands Ones and Zeros, Drist and ManMade God along with Seether.

PLAN AHEAD: Xiu Xiu, Bunkbed, Lou Barlow, Fixture, Alaska and Early Mart, Oct. 10 at the Gaslighter Theater; Rilo Kiley, Onelinedrawing, Arlo and Meredith Edgar, Oct. 11 at the Los Gatos Outhouse; B-Side Players and Rana, Oct. 11 at Plant 51; Firme and Dubwize, Oct. 12 at Cafecito; Solemite, Ramjet, Argyle and Triple Nipple, Oct. 12 at the Mitchell Park Center in Palo Alto; Atomic Mint, the Feathers and Bodies in the Basement, Oct. 12 at Off the Hook in Campbell; Speedealer, Camarosmith and Hangmen, Oct. 13 at Plant 51.

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From the October 10-16, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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