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Speak Up!

Places to go, people to see

  • On the first and third Wednesday nights of every month, at 7pm, Dave Perasso and Kevin Spritzer host open mic at the Intermission Cafe, 1167 Lincoln Ave., Willow Glen.

  • Every Monday and Thursday night, P.J. and Khoi host open mic at the Red Rock Coffee Co. (Monday), 201 Castro St., Mountain View, and at Cuppa Joe (Thursday), 194 Castro St., Mountain View. They also host an open-mic showcase (artists by invitation) every Friday at the Red Rock for the more polished musicians.

  • Check out South Bay Folks Web page (maintained by Dave Metzgar) for listings and open-mic schedules.

  • Email Dave Perasso to get on the South Bay Folks electronic mailing list.

  • For snail mail from South Bay Folks, send $5 to 208 Twinlake Drive, Sunnyvale, 94089.

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