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Moodfrye uncorks the bottle.

Breaking the bottle

Moodfrye shakes it up with new disc, 'Bottle of Feelings'

By Sarah Quelland

I THINK IT'S SAFE to say that TSUNAMI BOMB will not be playing the CACTUS CLUB again. Still, despite an unfortunate misunderstanding between the band and the club that caused the Bomb to pack up its gear and leave before the doors even opened, the remaining lineup last Friday (Oct. 5) was excellent. Indeed, the line to get in to see 5606, MY NEW LIFE, AGENT 51 and MOODFRYE stretched far down the block. Moodfrye celebrated the release of its first full-length disc, Bottle of Feelings, and R 2 Cents cameras rolled in to record the big event.

Moodfrye brings a blast of fresh sound to the local scene. The hip young band pulls from the best elements of punk, metal and '80s pop to create melodic, memorable songs. Exuding a wild and dangerous cool onstage, tattooed frontman MO's distinctive vocals owe more to early-'80s New Wave innovators than to contemporary rockers. At Friday's show, the band gave an explosive performance charged with highlights from the new disc, including the title track, "Middle of the Night," "Cliques," "Grievin'" and "Stereo-type."

Moodfrye's "Still a Junkie" can be found on LIVE 105's latest Local Lounge compilation, and the band plays again Oct. 19 at the LOS GATOS OUTHOUSE with the STEREO, LUCKIE STRIKE and LANEMEYER.

SETACIDE took me by surprise last Thursday (Oct. 3) with a quality set that kicked off the launch party for Fryktion magazine (a new publication that's picking up where Vamp left off, with a glossy premier issue focused on surfing and music) at the CATALYST in Santa Cruz. Together for about a year now, the band has really developed its hybrid sound since those first few shows. An intense and convincing performer, J.C. serves as a formidable frontman. He moves from Radiohead sincerity to Slipknot brutality and back again within a matter of seconds, and his pumped-up physique and limitless energy compel an audience's attention. The band's website should be up soon, and a new recording is on the way.

The South Bay's darkest black, death and thrash metal bands will congregate at the GASLIGHTER THEATER in Campbell this Saturday (Oct. 13) for the SILICON VALLEY METALFEST. Among those scheduled to appear are LORDS OF THE MANOR, OSMIUM, MUCUS MEMBRANE, FETUS BY THE POUND, SPIRITUAL ECLIPSE, RAGWEED, MAELSTROM, HOARFROST and ZERO CONTROL. Doors open at 6pm for this all-ages show; tickets are $6. ... New industrial metal band TRIP DEVICE (fronted by BRYAN WRIGHT, formerly of ZERO2 and featuring MATT KOLB on drums and RAT on bass) jumps into the scene Sunday (Oct. 14) at the Gaslighter Theater. SHORTIE, BLUEPRINT and SLICKER also perform. ... BRICKHEAD participates in the family-style CELEBRATE SARATOGA USA festival this Saturday (Oct. 13), 5:30-10:30pm in downtown Saratoga. The Cactus Club just launched new happy hour called the GREEN DOOR that opens every Tuesday, 5-8:30pm, with DJ ANDY AVERAGE. ... TRACK STAR plays BOTTOM OF THE HILL in San Francisco this Tuesday (Oct. 16). The group has a local date lined up for Dec. 7 at the OUTHOUSE in Los Gatos with SIN IN SPACE, XIU XIU and KILL ME TOMORROW.

ALL THE NEWS: KITTIE plays the Fillmore on Nov. 1 with DRY KILL LOGIC, ILL NIÑO and MIND WAR SYMPHONY. The MELVINS join TOOL and TRICKY Nov. 3 at SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE. The Bay Area stop of the Family Values tour with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, LINKIN PARK, STATIC-X, STAIND and DEADSY has been moved from Oakland to San Jose. The tour hits the COMPAQ CENTER on Nov. 13.

PLAN AHEAD: DUANE PETERS AND THE HUNNS, the FORGOTTEN and others, Oct. 11 at the Cactus Club; TESLA, Oct. 11 at the Warfield; THE CONVOCATION OF, UNDER A DYING SUN, GLASS CANDY and the QUEST FOR QUINTANNAROO, Oct. 12 at the Outhouse; TRAPT, Oct. 12 at the Cactus; LON LOPEZ and FISTFULL OF FLOWERS, Oct. 12 at FUEL; the RED ELVISES and SURF CINEMA, Oct. 13 at the Cactus; the GHOST, ANTI-45 and NCS, Oct. 13 at the Outhouse; MONKEY TO THE MONSTER, Oct. 16 at the LIDO; BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, TANTRIC and OLEANDER, Oct. 16 at Slim's; ALICIA KEYS, Oct. 17 at the ORPHEUM in San Francisco.

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From the October 11-17, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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