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[whitespace] Toots and the Maytals
Make A Note: Toots and the Maytals entertain summertime crowds at Music in the Park.

Readers' Choice:
Green Day

Best Place to Hear Music Outdoors

Music in the Park
Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park
Downtown San Jose
Thursday evenings, July through September
More info: 408.279.1775

MUSIC: LOVELY. Parks: lovely. Music and parks: so ridiculously lovely. Our readers are hard-pressed to come up with a better combination.

There are very few fusions that might top Music in the Park. Sex in the Camaro comes to mind, but that's highly subjective. Milkshakes in the library doesn't come close (sticky fingers on the books); painting in the high school brings too many memories of acetone highs and mural themes like "The Best Days of Our Lives." Walt Whitman in the cafe--that's a good one--but also subjective, beholden as it is to literary tastes. I would submit that fingernail polish in the ears is far, far inferior to Music in the Park. Waterfalls in the summer come terribly, terribly close--but the danger of slipping on rocks shifts it down the list, and Music in the Park triumphs again!

Point made, impeccable logic trumps all: Music in the Park is a simple, basic joy. Every year the San Jose Downtown Association (with the help of many fine sponsors, including Metro) brings together musicians of varying genre with listeners of varying age--but always the park of a certain green, and best of all, for free. Whether the evening is marked with a bottle of wine and singer/songwriter Pete Yorn; a 40-ounce and tribute band Super Diamond; a bong hit and reggae greats Toots and the Maytals--it's a certifiable good time, and a perfect way to kick off a Thursday night of debauchery or enjoy a mellow evening while the last of summer's sunshine slowly fades. DB

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