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Locals Stitch and Movement show promise on new album releases

By Sarah Quelland

FRIDAY THE 13TH carries all kinds of strange connotations, but last Friday (Oct. 13) turned out to be an auspicious date for local music. Two South Bay bands held their CD-release parties at the Cactus Club, and an impressive number of people turned out for the occasion. Unjust and 40 Grit kicked off the night for Movement and Stitch. Movement features vocalist Todd Barulich, guitarist Joey Ruiz, drummer Matt McCoy and bassist Jason Voorhees (a fitting name, or pseudonym, especially considering the date of the show). The aggressive four-piece released its awaited debut EP, which offers six songs ("Station," "Hourglass," "Beyond Me," "The Need," "Further" and "Behavior"). Stitch released its remastered self-titled debut, which is being internationally distributed through Prosthetic/Metal Blade Records.

Something rather special happened the Saturday before (Oct. 7) at the Cactus. The drummer for the headlining band, Fang, broke his leg in the pit during supporting band Dr. Know's set. Rather than canceling the show, the band lucked out. Huge Fang fan Jonny Manak of Clay Wheels filled in for him on the spot.

Local rap/rock/funk outfit Salmon has experienced a huge setback since drummer Pat Ruiz recently made a friendly departure from the band. "It was just time to move on," Ruiz said. According to him, "We're all still friends." Ruiz is currently rehearsing in Hollister with a new band called Setacide that features former members of Produkt (vocalist J.C., bassist Joe and guitarist Daniel). Ruiz described the music as heavy and aggressive with slight similarities to early Deftones and said the band plans to make its live debut sometime in December. He also indicated that there should be a four-song demo available by that time as well. Other members of Salmon were unreachable by deadline, but it appears they are considering finding a new drummer and powering forward. Regardless, the show at the Cactus initially scheduled for Oct. 28 with Videodrone and others is off. In its place, the club has booked a special Halloween show with 10 Ton Hammer and other special guests and surprises.

Live 105 is holding its Freak Night Party with Orgy and Linkin Park Oct. 27 in the lower ballroom at Maritime Hall. Testament, 40 Grit and others have a separate concert the same night in Maritime's main hall. ... The Offspring will perform Nov. 25 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco with Cypress Hill and MxPx. The band is touring to support its latest effort, Conspiracy of One (due on shelves Nov. 14). The Offspring pushed to make its entire album available for free download before its street date but ultimately compromised with its label, Sony, and made only the single available. Visit www.offspring.com to download the single.

The Boo Bomb will be held Oct. 26 at the San Jose Arena with Da Brat, Mya, Next, Ruff Endz, Shaggy, E-40, Ja Rule, Jermain Dupree and Lil' Bow Wow. ... The SJSU Event Center has several big shows coming up following the Deftones/Incubus/Taproot show held last Tuesday. MTV's "Return of the Rock" tour featuring Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack and Disturbed drops in Nov. 6; MTV's Campus Invasion with Wyclef Jean, De La Soul and Black Eyed Peas follows on Nov. 7; and rocker Sammy Hagar will be there Dec. 2.

dredg plays a free show at the Cactus this Friday (Oct. 20) with Reaction 31, Ellis and Down2None. On Saturday (Oct. 21) downtown regular "Big Scott" is holding an early goodbye gathering before he moves on to greener pastures. The Blue, Sift, Eye See Red and Formula for Failure will perform later that night. Other exciting shows coming up at the Cactus include Buckcherry (Nov. 10) and Homegrown (Nov. 14).

PLAN AHEAD: Sloe, Oct. 19 at the Caravan; Demon and others, Oct. 19 at the Cactus; Slash's Snakepit, Oct. 20 at Maritime Hall; Santana and Everlast, Oct. 20-21 at Shoreline Amphitheatre; Deicide, Oct. 22 at the Cactus; Kingcake, Oct. 25 at Fuel; Zen Guerilla, Krenshaw, Ancient Astronaut and Gluecifer, Oct. 26 at the Usual; Five Iron Frenzy, Monkey, the Siren Six and the KGB, Oct. 26 at the Cactus; Kottonmouth Kings, Fishbone and OPM, Oct. 26 at Maritime Hall; Queens of the Stone Age, Oct. 26 at the Fillmore in San Francisco; Mr. T Experience, and Nerf Herder, Oct. 28 at the Fillmore; the Wallflowers, Nov. 15 at the Warfield in San Francisco; the Anger Management Tour, Nov. 17 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

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From the October 19-25, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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