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Voters Cheat Sheet

[whitespace] State of California

Governor: Gray Davis

Lieutenant Governor: Cruz Bustamonte

Secretary of State: Bill Jones

Attorney General: Bill Lockyer

Insurance Commissioner: Diane Martinez

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Delaine Eastin


United States Senate: Barbara Boxer

House of Representatives: District 13: Pete Stark


District 14: Anna G. Eshoo

District 15: No endorsement

District 16: Zoe Lofgren

District 10: Liz Figueroa

District 20: John Dutra

District 21: Ted Lempert

District 22: Elaine Alquist

District 23: Mike Honda

District 24: Jim Cunneen

District 28: Alan Styles

State Propositions

Prop 1: Yes

Prop 1A: Yes

Prop 2: Yes

Prop 3: Yes

Prop 4: Yes

Prop 5: Yes

Prop 6: Yes

Prop 7: No

Prop 8: No

Prop 9: Yes

Prop 10: Yes

Prop 11: Yes

City of San Jose

Mayor: Ron Gonzales

City Council

District 1: Linda LeZotte

District 3: Tony West

Santa Clara County

Water District: Joe Pandit

Sheriff: Laurie Smith

Superior Court: Joyce Allegro

County Charter Amendments

Measure A: Yes

Measure B: No endorsement

Measure C: Yes

Measure D: Yes

Measure E: Yes

Measure F: No

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From the October 22-28, 1998 issue of Metro.

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