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Chelsea's Excellent Adventure

Chelsea Clinton
Matt Heller

The First Daughter rocks at Shoreline during the Bridge Concert

Young Miss Clinton created a big buzz at Shoreline Amphitheatre for Sunday's Bridge Benefit Concert, where the first daughter and her friends occupied most of the center section's fifth row--possibly the best seats in the house. Between sets, Smilin' Chelsea and fellow Stanford freshpersons hung out in and around the Smashing Pumpkins' dressing room (top) and chatted with Blues Traveler's John Popper, in brimmed hat (below).

Chelsea Clinton
Matt Heller

Chelsea was reserved yet graceful with Shoreline fans, but warmed up to the famous faces backstage. Some of her Stanford friends displayed less grace and complained about the attention from the non-famous. "It's just that we have to deal with this all the time," one sighed. "Why don't you just leave," one of the laminate-wearing coeds instructed a ticket-paying questioner from an adjacent row.

Chelsea Clinton

We know how you feel, ladies. It really is tough to lead a quiet, private Stanford academic career when hanging out with the daughter of the world's most powerful man, shmoozing rock stars, wearing backstage passes and sitting front and center.

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From the Oct. 23-29, 1997 issue of Metro.

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