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Suck on This

Where to find the games vampires play

Some of the larger live-action Vampire games in Santa Clara County:

  • Downtown San Jose
    "Seven Deadly Sins" is described in this story. To get involved, log on to the game's web page.

  • San Jose
    "Kindred Spirit Chronicles," also described here, runs every Monday night at 8pm at A Place to Play. For more information, call the shop at 267-6227.

  • Palo Alto
    Liz Cantrell runs "Diabolique." First-time players are welcome to come and observe for a night. Players meet in front of Palo Alto City Hall on University Avenue at about 7pm. The game runs every Saturday night.

  • Mountain View
    James Sullivan runs "Siempre Viva." The game is every Friday night in front of the Performing Arts Center at 7pm. First-timers should show up at the Tuesday meetings, same place, same time.

  • Slug-A-Thon
    This gaming convention, held Nov. 8 and 9 at the Sunnyvale Hilton, will include live-action games. Call the 24-hour info line at 408/235-9597.

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