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[whitespace] Shop participates in fight against domestic violence

Saratoga--A Saratoga business is participating in a national campaign to collect old, used cellular telephones, so that police departments and other organizations can distribute them free to victims of domestic violence.

The phones, which will be reprogrammed to dial only 911 and a nonemergency number, are meant to serve as lifelines in emergencies for the victims.

Colour Shoppe Draperies & Interiors, at 12361 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road, has established itself as a collection point for Call to Protect, a national program sponsored by the Wireless Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Motorola.

The shop's owner, Carl Orr, read about the program in a magazine article that cites October as National Domestic Violence Month. Orr decided to donate his old phone that was lying unused in a drawer, he said. After looking into the program on the Internet, Orr decided to collect phones at the shop and send them together to Call to Protect. At press time, two people had already dropped off two phones with chargers and batteries.

As part of the program, local wireless carriers donate all airtime; neither the people who donate the phones, nor the victims will be charged.

Any make, model, or age, cellular or PCS phone, in any condition, will be accepted. Phones broken beyond repair will be sold and the proceeds will go toward the program.

Colour Shoppe Draperies & Interiors is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The shop is closed Sundays. The campaign will go on at least through the end of October, according to Orr.

Colour Shoppe specializes in selling carpets, window covers, linoleum and wallpaper.

For more information on the donation program, call 1.888.901.SAFE, or visit www.donateaphone.org.
Kara Chalmers

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