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5 Things to Love

Food Gift Ideas

By Stett Holbrook

I'm not one to do any advance holiday shopping, but if you are, here are five ideas for the food lovers on your list.

1. A subscription to Cook's Illustrated. For easy to understand, can't miss, thoroughly tested recipes, you can't beat this ad-free magazine; www.cooksillustrated.com.

2. Give the gift of bacon with the Bacon-of-the-Month-Club; www.gratefulpalate.com.

3. German steel is out. Japanese is in. Check out the Japanese-made chef's knives; www.premiumknives.com.

4. Fondue kits just wind up in the back of the cupboard. Give your foodie friends a paella pan and they may actually use it. The place to get it is www.spanishtable.com.

5. www.hickoryfarms.com. For old time's sake.

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From the October 26-November 1, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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