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[whitespace] Metro's voting recommendations

President--Al Gore
U.S. Senate-- Dianne Feinstein


District 14--Anna Eshoo
Dstrict 15--Mike Honda
District 16--Zoe Lofgren

State Senate

District 11--Byron Sher
District 13--John Vasconcellos


District 21--Joe Simitian
District 22--Elaine Alquist
District 23--No recommendation
District 24--Rebecca Cohn
District 28--Simon Salinas

Santa Clara County

Supervisor, District 5--Dolly Sandoval
Superior Court Judge Office 2--Susan Bernardini
Superior Court Judge Office 11--Bill Priest

San Jose City Council

District 2--Kathy Napoli
District 4--Chuck Reed
District 6--Kris Cunningham
District 8--David Cortese

Statewide Propositions

Prop. 32--Yes
Prop. 33--No
Prop. 34--No
Prop. 35--Yes
Prop. 36--No
Prop. 37--No
Prop. 38--No
Prop. 39--Yes

Local Ballot Measures
Santa Clara County

Measure A--Yes
Measure B--No
Measure K--Yes
Measure O--Yes
Measure P--Yes

Measure Up This year's regional ballot initiatives could have a long-lasting impact on the quality of life in Silicon Valley.

Giving Props Things are not always as they appear, and the ballot is no exception. Metro weighs in on the state propositions.

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From the November 2-8, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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