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[whitespace] Pryor Convictions

Santa Cruz--The old adage proves true: once a wife-beating Satanist, always a wife-beating Satanist. Eric Pryor, subject of a recent Metro story, wowed us last week with his ability to flit between Satanism and evangelical Christianity, shamelessly promoting himself all the while. But while he was busy drumming up press, Pryor was indulging in another old bad habit: threatening to kill people. And last week, while his photos graced the pages of the newspaper, Pryor had the opportunity to step out of his trademark black and into Santa Cruz County Detention Center orange to think long and hard about the pros and cons of playing the devil's advocate.

Pryor's situation started heading south, so to speak, on October 24--just a few days after a Metro interview in which he professed to have returned to Satanism after an eight-year stint preaching at San Jose's Jubilee Christian Center. That evening Pryor and his wife had an argument in the communal home where they live in the Santa Cruz mountains. When the argument moved into the hallway and Pryor began shoving and hitting his wife, according to witnesses, tenant Barbara Abbot intervened. She says Pryor ripped her glasses off and stepped on them, and she beat a hasty retreat back to her room.

When she came out later to retrieve them, she says, Pryor threatened to kill her and kicked her in the leg and in the groin, leaving bruises. And the next morning, Abbot says, while she was making lunch in the communal kitchen, Pryor told her never to come between him and his wife and said, "I will slit your throat."

Deputy Christine Swannack responded to Abbot's call at about 2pm on Sunday afternoon and arrested Pryor on charges of battery, spousal battery, and being under the influence of narcotics--most probably heroin, according to her report, as well as alcohol.

Four years ago, while still at Jubilee, Pryor did time in the Santa Clara County jail after a violent fight with his then-wife Sarah, in which he threatened to slice her face up with an eight-inch knife so no one else would "want" her. That marriage ended, and Pryor is back with his first wife.

Pryor goes to pre-trial on November 12.
Traci Hukill

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Web extra to the November 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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