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In Perfect Form:
The Edge hosts high-energy True to Form

By Sarah Quelland

True to Form performed at the Edge in Palo Alto with NinePastNine and Lynch Mob last Thursday (Nov. 4). Onstage, this highly skilled locally-based group displays a tremendous sense of confidence, and there's a familiar ease to its high-energy performance. True to Form has two self-produced albums to its credit, and its latest, New Generation of Aggression, shows a musical growth within the band's harsh, speed-driven metal sound. True to Form is led by vocalist and guitarist Ron Taniguchi, whose short stature belies his remarkably powerful voice. The band also features well-respected drummer Kevin Jackson, guitarist Dave Fabris and bassist Eugene Meydbray. Musically, True to Form maintains the integrity of the metal genre without moving backward. Standouts of its set included songs from the new disc, "Why," "What is the Way" and "About Time."

Andalusia, RetroMotive and Switchblade Symphony showed up at the Cactus Club last Friday (Nov. 5). Minus its female vocalist, Andalusia took the stage as an instrumental trio creating melancholy soundscapes with atmospheric interludes. While the music had its appeal, it was lacking something vital without the vocals and served largely as a low-key mood-setting introduction to the night. RetroMotive has also had a change in lineup, with a new guitarist who gave an acoustic performance seated quietly in a chair onstage. The acoustic guitar gave a softer dynamic to the band's live performance. Generally known for dark, poetic verse and lingering melodies, RetroMotive has an affecting depressive quality. When the sound is bigger, it counters the gloominess of the performance, but the band seems to be taking a more subdued, more solemn direction.

After getting Vacaville's Papa Roach signed to DreamWorks Records and sending the boys down to record their label debut (titled Infest) in L.A., local band manager Gary Avila is picking up stakes and moving to Sacramento. Avila's been an important figure in the South Bay's music scene for years. Affectionately dubbed "the ever-talkative Gary Avila" by a BAM writer many moons ago, Avila's good-natured presence and knowledge of the industry's inner workings will be missed by many. Bid a fond farewell at his going-away party at the Cactus Club this Friday (Nov. 12). Leisure, a band from Sacramento managed by Avila and Bret Bair (who also manages P-Roach), will perform, as well as NinePastNine, Down2None, SWRV, Polar and Breach.

The Usual is seeking out South Bay-based bands to perform at its UnUsual Showcases, weekly local music showcases held every Tuesday night. Interested bands send kits to the Usual at 400 S. First St., San Jose 95113, or contact Sean Pike at 408.298.1900 for more information.

There's a fair amount going on tonight (Thursday, Nov. 11). Salmon will be joined by Chicano poet Roberto Tinoco Duran on R 2 Cents, hosted by Michael Magic. The live broadcast will airs at 6pm on the De Anza College Network or 34 Cable A. ... KSJO's doing a live broadcast from the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale tonight as well. It's a promotional gig for the big Miller Genuine Draft "Blind Date" New Year's bash in Dublin, Ireland. Doug Holiday will be the DJ on duty and there will be live bands. ... Other notable shows lined up for the night are Royal Crown Revue and the New Morty Show at the Edge and John Doe, Guided By Voices and Those Bastard Souls at Maritime Hall in San Francisco. John Doe also performs with the Knitters Nov. 30 at Palookaville in Santa Cruz.

PLAN AHEAD: The Odd Numbers, Nov. 12 at the Cocodrie in San Francisco; S.O.D. and Skinlab, Nov. 12 at Maritime Hall; Coal Chamber, Slipknot and Dope, Nov. 12 at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma and Nov. 13 at Maritime Hall; Creed, Our Lady Peace and Oleander, Nov. 12, SJSU Event Center; Operator: Generator, Nov. 15 at the Cocodrie; Buzzcocks and Lunachicks, Nov. 17 at Palookaville; MXPX and 22 Jacks Nov. 18 at the Edge; Jacky Paper, Nov. 18 at the Cactus Club; Willie Nelson, Nov. 18 at the Marin Center; Rage Against the Machine, Nov. 19 at the Oakland Arena; Krenshaw, NinePastNine and Myopia, Nov. 19 at the Midpeninsula YWCA in Palo Alto; Mr. T Experience, the Hi Fives and Boy Kicks Girl, Nov. 19 at the Cactus Club; Machinehead and Insolence, Nov. 20 at the Fillmore in San Francisco; Kid Rock and Powerman 5000 Nov. 26 at the San Jose State Event Center; Chris Cornell, Nov. 30, Berkeley Community Theatre; Danzig, Samhain and AFI, Dec. 2 at Maritime Hall; ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dec. 3 at the Oakland Arena; Melissa Etheridge, Dec. 6 at the Flint Center in Cupertino.

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