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Give It Up for the Holidays

A Metro gift guide with something for everyone

IT'S TIME TO take down last year's New Year's resolutions from the fridge, and put up a new list: "Ways for Others to Stimulate the Economy on My Behalf." This holiday season, the sound of jingle bells is "cha-ching"--in other words, it's the season to spend.

For the paranoid, curious, or simply 007-attached, we've got exotic surveillance equipment and electronic gadgets fit for a spy. For the practical post-boom shopper, there's a list of gifts for the man or woman who used to have everything. There are gourmet goodies that could comfort just about anyone (and why not?), plus our own suggestions for sexy stocking stuffers to bring some warmth to cold nights.

On the other mitten, for those wanting to exercise their social conscience we've put together some fresh suggestions for charitable giving, as well as a clutterless gift guide that won't make a mess of the environment. For those with time on their hands, we offer tips on making something special, a forgotten pastime that's enjoying a comeback this year.

This may be the first holiday season on record where the malls are decorated in green and red, and white and blue.

So unwrap the love. Free the dove. Santa ain't got nothing on you, baby.

Mixing Up Christmas: Gifts of music to soothe--or rile--the holiday beast.

Golden Goosed: A wealth of gift ideas for the friend who used to have everything.

I of the Needle: Knitting can bring personal satisfaction.

Presents of Mind: A clutterless gift guide, for those of us who have too much stuff.

Give the Right Thing: This year, toss the tea cozies and give presents with some purpose.

Come All Ye Faithful: X-rated gift shopping has left the creepy confines of dirty book stores.

DVDs of Christmas Future: Go for the classics, and avoid the clichés.

Up on the Rooftop...: And over the backyard fence--gadgets for the snoop on your list.

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From the November 15-21, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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