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November 16-22, 1995


Arts & Entertainment

    Lovely Rita: Rita Hayworth began her public life as a sultry starlet and ended it in troubled marriages and Alzheimer's, but her screen presence remains golden. Richard von Busack previews the Stanford Theater's retrospective, playing November 18 to December 2.

    Also reviewed: Les Misérables and Reckless

    Abstract Highs: Line dancing and organic shaping in the paintings of Judy Foosaner and Roberta Eisenberg at the d.p. Fong Galleries

    Reviews of the latest albums by Kenny Burrell, Gob, SF Seals and Dead Hot Workshop

    Beat Street
    The sky's the limit at an eclectic Flint Center show in Cupertino

    'Wild Thing': Ian Copeland's wild ride through the "new wave" years

    Beat Farmers' lead singer is gone
    Cub strikes out at the "cute" label
    Pat Martino appreciates life--and music--one day at a time
    Sonny Rollins: New album chronicles jazz tenor's mid-'60s form
    Supergrass romps through Mod pop, psychedelia, post-punk and just about anything else

    'Die Fledermaus' merrily waltzes through San Jose

    'Into the Woods': SJSU runs hot and cold with Sondheim's fairy tales

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