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[whitespace] Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots put on a flashy rock show at the Compaq Center last week.

All in the Family

Family Values mixed it up as tour mates guested on each others' songs at Compaq Center

By Sarah Quelland

LAST YEAR'S FAMILY VALUES tour put STAIND on the map when an impromptu duet between frontman AARON LEWIS and LIMP BIZKIT's FRED DURST boosted the live version of Staind's "Outside," which turned into the band's unexpected breakthrough hit. Since then, Staind's latest album, Break the Cycle, has become one of the biggest-selling albums of the year, based on a string of melancholy singles: "It's Been Awhile," "Fade" and a studio cut of "Outside." It's no surprise then, that this year's Family Values tour (at the COMPAQ CENTER on Nov. 13) served up similar band-morphing treats.

The well-rounded tour boasted veteran rockers STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, razor-sharp machine-core band STATIC-X and curiosity-piquing New Wave newcomer DEADSY, which has been the subject of much interest (the L.A. buzz band led by ELIJAH BLUE, son of CHER and GREGG ALLMAN, has yet to unveil its first album). Still, LINKIN PARK and Staind were clearly the big draws. To see Staind's Lewis with Linkin Park performing its hit "One Stop Closer" justified paying for the live experience. Later, Static-X's WAYNE STATIC joined Staind for "Crawl." STP brought out Linkin Park's CHESTER BENNINGTON for "Dead and Bloated" and had Lewis return to the stage one last time for "Creep."

That kind of spontaneity can make a good show unforgettable, and it's surprising that these increasingly popular multiband tours don't mix it up more. Although there was no epic jam session, the cross-pollinating going on at this year's Family Values tour took a step in the right direction. And the night did end on a high note. After launching through its substantial hit list, STP closed with the controversial "Sex Type Thing," and the band's lanky frontman SCOTT WEILAND ended in traditional fashion by stripping off all his clothes and running naked off the stage.

ALL THE NEWS: In August, AEROSMITH put on one of the funnest, most spontaneous shows of the year at SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE. The band returns to the South Bay with a date at the Compaq Center on Jan. 9. ... The OUTHOUSE in Los Gatos is hosting its first all-acoustic POWER FAILURE concert with DAN POTTHAST, the HANDBALL QUEENS (STUNT MONKEY going incognito for its unplugged set), THAT 1 GUY, the OLIVER BROWN TRIO, the MUCKRUCKERS, CLOSE TO HOME and the RAP$CALLIONZ Friday (Nov. 23). ... Affiliated with SESSIONS RECORDS, SLOE just returned from a tour of the northwest with FIGHTING JACKS. The band has a few shows coming up: on Saturday (Nov. 24) at ARMANDO'S COFFEE in San Jose and another next Thursday (Nov. 29) at the CACTUS CLUB, where the band celebrates a CD release with Fighting Jacks, KEEPING ELLIS and OLYMPIC YEAR. ... DEEDS OF FLESH storms the Cactus Club on Saturday (Nov. 24) with LORDS OF THE MANOR, OSMIUM, SAN RESINA, SEVERED SAVIOR, FUNEBRE, HELLCREW, DISHARMONY, IRRITANT, REZYN, MASK OF SANITY, SOUL DECAY and more. Doors open early at 5pm. ... The Cactus also presents a special show Dec. 18 featuring two DEFTONES side projects. Deftones vocalist CHINO MORENO's moody, experimental outfit TEAM SLEEP and Deftones drummer ABE CUNNINGHAM's quirky dirge-metal band PHALLUCY (a band Cunningham was in before he got caught up with Deftones) will perform.

PLAN AHEAD: WORN THIN, J.B.M, FACELIFT and LEFT ON 84, Nov. 22 at the Cactus; MUTILADOR and Funebre, Nov. 22 at the LIDO; BLUES TRAVELER, Nov. 23-24 at the CATALYST in Santa Cruz; GENITORTURERS, Nov. 25 at the JUSTICE LEAGUE in San Francisco; the ODD NUMBERS, Nov. 29 at the LIDO; LAVABONE, KRENSHAW and MOTIV, Dec. 1 at the Cactus; MOODFRYE, Stunt Monkey, the TIMEOUTS, BURNSIDE and CODE 454, Dec. 1 at the SCU BASEMENT; JESSE DAYTON, Dec. 5 at the ELBO ROOM in San Francisco; SLAYER and AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, Dec. 7 at the WARFIELD in San Francisco; PIGFACE, GRAVITY KILLS and GODHEAD, Dec. 7 at the Cactus; the MR. T EXPERIENCE, Dec. 8 at the Cactus; LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS, Dec. 29 at the SANTA CRUZ VET'S HALL and Dec. 30 at the POUND; ONELINEDRAWING, Jan. 5 at the Outhouse.

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From the November 22-28, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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