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[whitespace] Two youths allegedly carjack with pepper spray

Authorities say suspects stole victim's car after he gave them ride

Cupertino--In the latest of a series of incidents of vehicular-based violence, two suspects carjacked a man in Cupertino on Nov. 9, authorities say. The alleged weapon of choice, in this case, was pepper spray.

On Nov. 9, an adult male left his workplace near the intersection of Stevens Creek and North De Anza boulevards. As he entered his car, authorities say two young suspects approached him and asked for the time. The suspects told the victim that they had waited a long time for someone to pick them up, and asked him if he could give them a ride around the corner. The victim agreed to drive them to the place they requested.

The victim drove the two suspects to the vicinity of Vista Drive and Vista Court. At that point, the female suspect, seated in the front passenger seat, asked the driver to pull over and let them out. When the victim stopped the car, the male suspect in the rear seat leaned across and pepper sprayed the victim in the face.

The two suspects then allegedly assaulted the victim and attempted to push him out of the vehicle. The victim fled the car, a white 1997 Mercedes C280 with the license plate 4ANE022, and the suspects drove it away. The car was last spotted near Stevens Creek Boulevard and Vista Drive.

The victim described both suspects as very young, estimating that the female suspect was 18-20 years old. He said she is white, and wore eyeglasses and a dark hooded sweatshirt. Her accomplice, a black male juvenile, stands approximately 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall and also wore a dark hooded sweatshirt.

Sgt. Bayley of the sheriff's office says that right now officers "are just following leads," and say there have been no developments in the case thus far. Both suspects and the car are still at large, and the sheriff's office requests that anyone with information, call the Detective Bureau at (408) 299-2211, or log on to the sheriff's office website at www.sccsheriff.org.
Kevin Fayle

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