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[whitespace] 'Home, Honey, I'm Higher'
Practical Toke: A blissful scene from 'Home, Honey, I'm Higher: What You Should Know About Drugs.'

Still Sick

'Spike and Mike' serve up another season of twisted animation

By Richard von Busack

I'M SURE all this is exactly what Winsor McKay had in mind. This year: "No Neck Joe III," "Die Hard in Under Two Minutes" by Russia's Konstantin Bronzit; the promising "Tyson: I Am Not an Animal" by David Lipson; "Ballet Blues" by Thomas Kung, "Bowlin' Fer Souls" by SuperGenius, based on the old German legend of Faust, as misheard by some people from Milwaukee; and "Horned Gramma" by Dave Foss. "Legend of Raggot" by Sean Scott, is derived from a certain urban legend about R*****d G**e, just named the sexiest man alive by P****e magazine. Clue: he was the co-star of Pr***y Wo**n, is a close personal friend of the D***i Lam* of T***t, and is rumored to have sportingly stuffed a g****l up his a**. Where these stupid, hurtful stories get their origin I have no idea. I only pass them on, myself. "Grimm's Humpty Dumpty" by Ryan Montrucchio updates the egg's story to a gangsta's tale. "Swing Sluts" reunites Summer & Tiffany as they decide to enter the swing scene. "Billy's Balloon" by Don Hertzfeldt is a dead-cruel number about a sub-par child and a mean balloon--while much that Spike and Mike serves up is far too lowball, this one hits the spot. Plus: "Beat the Meatles," "Radioactive Crotch Man," "Forrest Dump" and "Foreskin Gump," both by Roy T. Wood, "Surprise Cinema" by Bill Plympton, and "Home, Honey, I'm Higher: What You Should Know About Drugs."

Spike and Mike's 1999 Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation (Not rated; 18+ only), opens Wednesday, Nov 24, at the Towne Theater in San Jose.

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From the November 24-December 1, 1999 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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