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[whitespace] A One-Man Agenda

Supper club goes over The Edge

By Christina Waters

HE NEVER SLEEPS. Instead, Bay Area entrepreneur Jacek Rosicki dreams up exciting new club venues for the active men and women of Silicon Valley. Jacek has spawned clubs and restaurants for beautiful people all over the region--including Eleven in San Francisco, the popular Agenda in San Jose and The Edge in Palo Alto. Well, as quickly as you can say "Voilà!," The Edge will soon be transformed into Jacek's latest brainchild, Icon Supper Club. Located at 260 California Ave.--the hippest of the hippest--Icon will feature New American cuisine and will be open for lunch and dinner. "It will seat 400 people for sit-down dinners and 800 for cocktails," said the man who likes to think big. "Friday and Saturday there will be a DJ, dancing and live jazz. And on weekdays we'll have large jazz shows like at Bimbo's in the City." I'm down with that. In the new Icon kitchen, look for chef Gerald Hewitt, formerly an instructor at the California Culinary Academy, who's cooked at Bruno's in San Francisco, among other establishments. Jacek, who's encountered more than his fair share of bureaucratic red tape, doesn't want to write an opening date in stone for the new dinner club. But he is willing to reveal that, "If everything goes well, we're shooting for an opening the last week in December." Can you say "Happy New Year"? Stay tuned for details.

The Fairmont Cooks

The days of having to prove that you are superwoman are over. We do not absolutely need to show the world that we can finesse the entire Christmas dinner as well as keep track of the Nasdaq. Now, if you are one of those Martha Stewarts who adore showing off your lump-free gravy, flawless moist turkey and sensationally tender pies--go for it. Go ahead and work until you can't see straight, slaving over a hot stove and a hot oven, in a house full of guys watching football as they devour every cookie you've painstakingly decorated. Or ... you can take advantage of a strategic holiday offer from the Fairmont Hotel's chefs. That's right--they will cook up a dream Christmas dinner for you (or for a needy family if you'd like to help someone less fortunate during this holiday time of year.) Here's what your $125* full dinner package will include: a succulent, roasted, 14-16-pound tom turkey (just like the one Bill Clinton "pardoned" last week on the White House lawn). Mr. Turkey comes with all the traditional trimmings--buttermilk mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, deluxe cornbread stuffing, yams, homemade cranberry relish, mixed vegetables, a salad of fresh greens with special Fairmont dressing, rolls with butter, and your choice of pumpkin, pecan or apple pie. This full-on holiday meal will serve six to eight people. You might want to place an order now and give yourself a chance to enjoy the holidays with your guests, rather than with your pots and pans. Even more in keeping with the season would be to celebrate the gift of giving by purchasing the full dinner package for a family in need. Make the holidays memorable by letting the Fairmont's chefs do their culinary thing. Please call 408.998.3962 to place your order. *(tax is not included)

Early Christmas Tip

The mighty Oakville Grocery has cleverly started creating opulent, thoughtful and distinctly gourmet gift baskets filled with all sorts of culinary essentials, oils, condiments, sauces, candies, wines--you must have the idea by now. While you might want to hand-select special gifts for special people on your list, let's face it--time has a habit of getting out of control. Before you know it, IT is here!!! That's where the Oakville Grocery gift basket idea comes in. You simply run into the store nearest you and run out again with a fabulous gift. No fuss, no muss. In Palo Alto, the store is located at 715 Stanford Shopping Ctr. (650.328.9000); in Los Gatos at Old Town Center, 50 University Ave. (408.399.9902).

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From the November 30-December 6, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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