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By Joe Firmage
Excerpted from The Truth

I was reading for the first time an absolutely fascinating article with remarkable new ideas that relate the ZPE to the origin of inertia and gravitation--when I decided that I was too exhausted from the preparation for the USWeb Initial Public Offering to read physics any further that night. I went to bed as usual, that evening a year ago early this month. Which specific day, I don't remember, for I was foolish enough not to write down my experience then.

But I remember the event with absolute fidelity.

My alarm clock rang at 6:10 am, as it usually did when I planned to hit the gym to exercise my too-sedate body. Also as usual, my hand slammed the snooze button.

The next nine minute snooze changed the course of my life. It changed my life forever, as you have seen by my decisions since.

As I snoozed, something amazing happened. A remarkable being, clothed in brilliant white light, appeared hovering over my bed in my room. He had dark hair and a beard, I believe.

He looked rather annoyed, and asked "Why have you called me here?"

I answered without a moment's pause: "I want to travel in space." This was always my lifelong dream, and it naturally came out in a state of semi-waking thought.

He chuckled skeptically, paused, and asked "Why should you be granted such an opportunity?"

I responded without hesitation, in the only way I could have responded given my life to that time:

"Because I'm willing to die for it!"

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From the December 10-16, 1998 issue of Metro.

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