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Disco Inferno: Is 50 Cent trying to tell us something?

Haiku de Todd

The year in music, presented in haiku form

By Todd Inoue

National TV
"Prez doesn't care," says Kanye
Myers face priceless

Workout tights, writhing
"This song goes by so slowly"
Madonna, please stop

50 Cent oiled up
"No Homo" so claims Dipset
Um ... Brokeback Rappers?

Is MySpace.com
the future of band promo?
Get a life dotcom

Ying Yang Twins get girls
Beaten with an ugly stick
Ah, the price of fame

Carve it in granite:
"My Humps" is 20 times worse
than "Laffy Taffy"

Video iPod
More mock black Ts for Steve Jobs
Planned obsolescence?

DSL lines, stealth
Why do people pay for it?
Music, not porno

Foxy Brown is deaf
Fortunately for Def Jam
She now sounds better

Fugees, Digable:
Nobody wants reunion!
Collect checks! Play golf!

Two punk rocker spots
and ultra lounge overkill
SJ not Vegas

50 loves his beefs
Fat Joe, Ja Rule and the Game
Hug it out bitches!

Yay, social conscience!
American idiots
Not confined to Bush

Reason to be glad:
Master P and Jerry Rice
"Dancing with the Stars"

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From the December 28, 2005-January 3, 2006 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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