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Picks by Elizabeth Costello (EC) and Jonathan Winters (JW).

The Best of Temp Slave

The Best of Temp Slave
Edited by Jeff Kelly (Garrett County Press, 162 pages)

Zines even non-zine-reading folks read--Thrift Score, Ben is Dead and Cometbus--have spread their cut-and-paste wings for the big time in the form of small press books. Now Jeff Kelly (aka Keffo) has joined them with his Best of Temp Slave! TS is a crowd pleaser with its tales of the working man/woman stance and its hipster work ethic (now gelatinized as the ever-so-catchy "FUCK WORK"). Though people rarely mention that the writing is second rate, with its "God I hate my boss. I'm going to fucking kill him!" blahs (Who doesn't hate their boss, really?) and mediocre plot developments. However, there is some really excellent collage work going on here, taking happy-go-lucky temp ads and turning them into satanic pleas for your soul while motivational pamphlets are turned into truth-telling corporate spews for keeping labor underfoot. Near-postal temps will love TS, saluting it as the bible on which they balance their coffee mugs. Everyone else will love the pretty pictures. (JW)

Full Exposure

Full Exposure
By Susie Bright (HarperCollins,163 pages, $22)

According to Susie Bright it's more than OK to masturbate, watch porn and talk above a whisper about your sexual experiences and desires. Bright's latest book, Full Exposure, lays out the program--and it's about more than getting laid. Bright launches salvos at familiar systems of sexual repression such as polite conversation and advertising. Apparently, sexual energy can be found all around us, if we only open our eyes (and sundry other parts as well) and look for it. So, if this news to you, you might enjoy this book's frank approach to the subject matter that makes us all giggle and sweat. Of course, you may already be among the lucky ones who have discovered and explored their own sexual topography. In that case this book may seem a little obvious and redundant. (EC)

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From the January 3, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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