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[whitespace] Innervoid Rubber the Right Way

Innervoid's intricate moldings offer a new take on body, art and body art

By Jack Shamama and Cory Feldman

Part H.R. Giger dreamscape, part Batman costume, Innervoid's handmade latex "clothes" legitimately walk that thin line between high art and high fashion. OK, so the word "organic" seems to get thrown around a bit too much in the art/fashion circles these days, but it's hard to describe her pieces as anything but. At times, these cast rubber and latex body-pieces become extensions of the viscera that they're covering up.

Starting with a clay prototype, molded in her own top-secret process and then cast in latex rubber, each piece is unique. And though she does have some work for sale in Stormy Leather in SF and Patricia Field's in NY, Alexa, the designer behind Innervoid, also creates items to order--that is, she'll make a cast of your body and design the piece around your body. This way there's no worries if you're between sizes.

Her bras, corsets, codpieces and chokers are carefully constructed for support and style. Although the design is still on the drawing board, Alexa has plans to revolutionize support for you big-busted beauties who are tired of the uncomfortable and unforgiving underwire that makes your shelf look more like an ass. See, Innervoid isn't about tapping into the Zeitgeist and mass-producing a trend for a fast buck; there's a well-thought-out philosophical system behind this stuff.

"I don't like technology, but if it can help us develop our supernatural powers, well, you know," Alexa says. "There's no development going on because it's all men making decisions. Even though technology is from hell, it might help us. Some day we're going to get a little bored. And we need to make that leap."

And that's just the beginning. Alexa also has plans to make a contraceptive device that's less phallocentric than the classic condom.

"It's about empowerment for women so that they have a choice. That's why I'm working on a contraceptive for women that will get them off. I'm sick of the condom based on the male version of sex. I think I'll call the company 'Sure-Cum.' "

If there's any doubt as to the comfort and functionalism of Alexa's pieces, rest assured. The fit is perfect, the look is exotic and the feel is something "like a bumper on a car ... just a little bit softer. Like wearing a sculpture." Not to mention the reaction you'll get.

Her creations span the gamut from beautiful to bizarre, and Alexa understands her market. "I wanna make them as sick as possible. But if I wanna sell a bunch I'm gonna have to make them normal." Although many of these pieces are made to be molded to the female form, it's hard not to imagine the likes of Marilyn Manson lining up to be fitted .

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From the January 3, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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