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Warming up the winter blues

By Michael Stabile

A month into the new year and things still looked bleak. The Scotch bottle was staring me right in the face, but one too many sips of that winter standard turns me into a melancholy fool, talking only of loves lost and pounds gained. And so soured was I on champagne, eggnog and the like that I was even tempted to sober up. But my resolutions unraveled with a 10am 01.01.00 kir royale and a cigarette (you've gotta have something to do after cramming yourself full of salmon mousse and Fritos). It wasn't until I saw my roommate brewing herself a mug of hot apple cider that I realized that all I had been missing was warmth.

Though spiked cider is nothing new, it became the new testing ground for all my party leftovers. January and February are movie rental months, and whether I was undercover watching Love Story for the umpteen billionth time or Kramer vs. Kramer for the first, hot rum (or vodka and that odd gift cordial) cider with a splash of creme de cassis--left over from the kir royale--for aromatherapeutic value made me all the merrier .

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From the January 24, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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