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Things to do in Vegas when you're 'dead'

By Tracie Broom

The best thing to do before meeting friends for a long night of glamorous drinking and gambling is to have a few cocktails mid-afternoon and trot down to the Canyon Ranch Salon (in the Venetian) for a haircut. Walking out with a shiny new 'do and some celeb gossip on the side (Teri Garr HATED the stifling Hard Rock salon!), you'll feel just as glittery and glammy as any one of the boa-clad SoCal social-lites traipsing into the casino for $10 blackjack.

After a particularly hard night of drinking till 6am, you may well have a blistering hangover that the Circus Circus buffet just isn't going to cure. It's very important to detox before your noon Bloody Mary date with the cutie you met at the craps table, so get on down to the Canyon Ranch Spa Club (also in the Venetian) and get your lymph nodes mushed and drained. The new branch of the famous Canyon Ranch Spa of Tucson, Ariz., this Vegas spa has all the right amenities. After an hour-long massage, you may slog around in your bathrobe, skip to the lounge, enjoy as much fresh-squeezed OJ as you can pump into your limp little body, then slide into the enormous naked same-sex hot tub. The steam room, sauna and copious showers with fruity-smelling products round out a fantastically rejuvenating spa experience, totally worth the money. Leaves you looking so rosy-cheeked that your date won't even notice when your vodka tan sets in circa 3pm.

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From the January 24, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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