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Really Annoying

[whitespace] Worse than bad restaurant service, irritating weather people, slow Internet connections or bad drivers are the things that are genuinely worth getting annoyed about

A fifth-grade girl was shot in Oakland in March by a truant classmate. "Apparently she was annoying him," Oakland homicide Sergeant Earl Sherman said.

Petaluma Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg, 58, first denied but then in February pleaded no contest to fondling the breasts of a 12-year-old Sonoma County girl while she was receiving religious instruction. In bargaining for the plea, the local DA dropped two misdemeanor counts of "annoying a child."

United Airlines maintenance mechanic Crispin Hollings told the Examiner: "It's annoying that [his longtime domestic partner] isn't given health coverage and that when we fly he's not allowed the same flight benefits [as spouses]."

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From the January 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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