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On the Books

[whitespace] Pay to Play

By David Boyer

Urinating (or defecating) in public will cost you $126; removing (or planting) a tree is a bargain at $76; and driving through a parade, well, that depends if you're on a bike or in a car.

Before you plan a night of mayhem and reckless abandon, you might want to check your wallet. Because lawlessness has a price in this city. And according to the bail schedule of the Municipal Court of San Francisco, it ranges from $27 for walking your dog without a leash to $1,351 for driving without insurance.

Below are some infractions that might be of particular interest. Unabridged copies of the Bail Schedule are available at the city's law library (401 Van Ness) or Municipal Court (850 Bryant, Room 101).

Fire Code
Overcrowding $211
Vehicle Repair in Residence $211
Possession/Use of Fireworks $211

Fish & Game Code
Fishing Without a License $675

Harbor Code
Disobeying Police $50

Health Code
Dumping $81
Dog Bite $76
Disregarding Leash Law $27

Housing Code
Infestation of Insects $270
Unsound Structure $270

Municipal Police Code
Noncompliance With Approved Taxi-Color Scheme $76
Begging $104
Drunk in Public $76
Drinking in Public $76
Altering ID $76
Solicitors/ID $346

Penal Code
Smoking/Restaurant $76

Parks Code
Weapon in Park $76
Entering Restroom of Opposite Sex $76
Horse in Park $76
Playing Instrument in Park $76
Polluting Water $76
Structure Without Permit $135

Traffic Code
Skateboard on Sidewalk $55
Driving Thru Parade (Bicyclist) $55
Driving Thru Parade (Motorist) $77
Driving Backwards $77
Removing Chalk from Tire (1X) $76
Removing Chalk from Tire (2X) $136
Removing Chalk from Tire (3X) $211
Boarding Bus Without Paying $76
Bicycle in Broadway Tunnel $55
Riding on Handlebars $55
Clinging to Moving Vehicle $77

Vehicle Code
Impersonating DMV Applicant $154
Oversize Bicycle $55
Red Light Running (Motorist) $104
Red Light Running (Bicyclist) $55
Skiing on Highway $55
Operational TV in Driver's View $77
School Bus/Wrong Color $77

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From the January 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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