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Beauty 411

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Blue and Red All Over: BeneFit's luscious lipstick survives Metropolitan's road test.

Lipstick road test

By Diana Rupp

People who wear makeup know that lipsticks are not created equal. Although a hot hue may look great in a tube, how it wears is a whole different story. And if you pick one of the trickier colors, like blue-red, the challenge becomes even greater. So I selected a blue-red shade from four different lines--BeneFit, MAC, shu uemura and Stila--and put them through their paces for a day. Here's how they stacked up:

Rating Index: Excellent: **** Good: *** Fair: ** Bad: *

Color: Briefing
Texture: ****
Wear: ***
Stain: ****
Overall: ***
Price: $14

Color: Viva Glam
Texture: ***
Wear: **
Stain: ****
Overall: ***
Price: $13.50

shu uemura
Color: N 170
Texture: **
Wear: *
Stain: *
Overall: *
Price: $15

Color: Gala
Texture: **
Wear: ****
Stain: ****
Overall: ***
Price: $16

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From the February 1, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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