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Everything's Coming Up Roses

By Mark Ewert

Philip feemster, proprietor of the Queer Brewing Company, not only makes Q Pale Ale, which is available throughout the Bay Area, but is also a locus of contact with the Other Side. Check it out:

"When I bought my home in Dolores Heights years ago, I noticed that the house had roses embellishing everything from light fixtures to drawer hardware. A few months after I moved in, I began finding a small, freshly clipped rose on my dresser every few weeks. They seemed to match the roses growing in my yard.

"I soon was informed that the woman who had planted those roses and had embellished the house with the rose motif was named Helen. She had been murdered in the house about 15 years ago by her estranged husband (strangled to death with a typewriter ribbon).

"Knowing her name and her demise, I walked through the house informing her that she was welcome here. Soon after, I found the final gift: an antique bud vase was in the cupboard when I opened it one morning. I supposed she noted I didn't have one."

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From the February 1, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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