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Mer Made

A new line of seaweed-based products from Bare Essentials soothes, cleans and calms you inside and out

By Cory Feldman

If being in your skin feels like sinking into an incredibly comfortable and elegant chaise-lounge (I imagine something mint-green with Mae West, clad in ruby red, languishing across it), then you're probably using the Bare Essentials "Cush" line of skin-care products. Named for the way skin should feel--comfy, uplifted, sensual and healthy--Cush combines a delightful mixture of sea aromas and elements that make skin glow, with none of that salty aftertaste.

Now, picture normal skin as a tattered, stripy beach chair wedged into the sand--it's time for a change. Cush products blend sea water with mineral salts to cleanse and renew dull skin. There are foaming cleansers, marine moisturizers and various sea tonics that help regenerate old skin, leaving it as fresh as sea spray. After slathering some on, you'll likely be cooing, "Touch-a, touch-a, touch, touch me!" And you can leave your bikini well behind, mermaid.

The product line includes the following luscious seaweed-inspired wonders:

  • Foaming seaweed cleanser ($20), a deep pore cleanser that balances skin and helps it retain moisture.

  • Sea facial tonic ($20), an infusion of algae, kelp, witch hazel, cucumber and ivy extracts. Keeps skin toned and fresh.

  • Mineral-rich detox mask ($28), a blend of clay, nutrients, minerals and sea-salt extracts that improves circulation and skin tone.

  • Nutritious Marine Moisturizer ($32), a mixture of special marine humectants that feed the skin and help it retain moisture.

  • Time Peeling Serum ($36), which battles the pollution, oxidants and toxins that batter your poor old skin.

  • Gleaming Body Buffer ($28), made from salts from the Dead Sea, safflower and ylang ylang oils, kelp and spirulina, this gorgeous salt marsh spread makes your skin as happy as a clam.

  • Shower Elixir ($28), a shower gel made of wintergreen, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. Good for splashing sleepy skin in the morning.

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  • From the February 7, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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