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[whitespace] Hearts And Hoops

A fresh bolt of Valentine's lightning from the basketball-minded

By Mark Wasserman

The world of professional basketball can be a demanding one. Players do nightly battle against ornery opponents, naysaying coaches and their own aching bodies. Dancers, who typically also go to school or work other jobs, perform difficult numbers before sometimes less-than-adoring crowds. Even the mascot has to worry about generating sufficient lift from his trampoline so he won't land on his head. But as hard as all of them are on the exterior, we suspect they have a soft spot in their hearts for someone special. So we asked, what are you going to do for Valentine's Day?

John Starks (guard, Golden State Warriors): "Just spend time with my wife. Never mind how."

Kristin Lee (Warrior Girl): "My boyfriend and I have been planning this. We're gonna go to Calistoga, to the hot springs, get a massage, take a mud bath, just really get pampered. Then finish it off with a nice, romantic dinner."

Jason Williams (guard, Sacramento Kings): "Get some."

Thunder (Warriors mascot): "I'll give my sweetheart a fresh bolt of lightning, then take her flying through the clouds."

Chris Webber (forward, Sacramento Kings): "Valentine's Day? Is that coming up? First I got to find me a Valentine. Then we'll see what happens."

Terry Cummings (forward, Golden State Warriors): "I'm gonna send my mom some flowers" .

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From the February 7, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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