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1999 Noise Pop Tip Sheet

Our oddsmaker reads the five-day, seventh annual local
festival lineup and calls 'em like he sees 'em

Your handicapper, Jeff Stark

1 Managed by Noise Pop co-organizer Jordan Kurland
2 Full disclosure: friend of this handicapper
3 Single on Noise Pop founder Kevin Arnold's Horsebrand Industries record label
4 Band calls Bay Area home

Date The Band The Setup The Punch The Dirty Little Secret
Tuesday 23
Bottom of the Hill, doors 8pm, show 8:30pm; all ages; $7

Jimmy Eat World Post-grunge power alternative quartet from Tempe, Arizona, via Capitol Records Favorite lyric from 1996's Static Prevails: "We'll dance off time to the songs that we've never liked/And sing offkey, thinking it sounds all right" New album, released this month, produced by the man who unleashed Blink 182 on an unsuspecting public
Sense Field SoCal five-piece filters and flattens '80s New York hardcore sounds and ideas with '90s Orange County "punk" Another painful day on the Vans Warped Tour Once falsely rumored to be a Christian band
Crumb1 4 Cute and unabashedly overproduced rockers with chronic record company problems; friends with Jimmy Eat World, Knapsack and That Dog Last two albums released on two different major labels No label home for next record
Gardener Handicapping info unavailable Even odds
Wednesday 24
Bottom of the Hill, doors 8pm, show 8:30pm; 21 and over; $7

Imperial Teen4 Cynical pop via S.F. foursome with good scene-making social skills This handicapper's knee-capping opinion firmly established; reserving further judgment for imminent second record Dubious local pedigree includes Faith No More and Sister Double Happiness
Push Kings4 San Francisco--formerly Boston--quartet chews bubble gum for breakfast and sings harmony for the rest of the day What the Beatles might have sounded like if all four lads were named Paul The Hanson of indie rock
Dealership4 Above-average fuzzy-punky-poppy Bay Area trio mining Pixies/Nirvana canon Vocal melodies even strong enough to cover up clunky lyrics like "Fruition's not the perfect way to end all adolescent crushes" Too nice for secrets
Openers TBA
Thursday 25
Bottom of the Hill, doors 8pm, show 8:30pm; all ages; $7

764-Hero Seattle band's second full-length, Get Here and Stay, swims smooth seas on clever guitar, understated drums and suggestively simple lyrics Former Built to Spill sound-alikes finally developing unique identity Named after Seattle phone hotline to report carpool lane violators
Red Stars Theory Somnambulant Northwest trio featuring members of semi-hemi-demi stars Modest Mouse, Lync and Statisfact Long, dreamy songs with more movements than the SF Symphony's fall program After recent signing to Chicago's Touch & Go, maybe more than just a side project
The Aislers Set4 Local indie supergroup fronted by ex-Henry's Dress Amy Linton and backed by members of Track Star, Poundsign and Scenic Vermont Ignore "local indie supergroup" oxymoron; this is insular, Velvety music for long novels and rainy San Francisco days Way better than the sum of its parts
Fiver Modesto indie five-piece (duh) titled first record Eventually Something Cool Will Happen Still waiting for album's promise to pay off None
Friday 26
Great American Music Hall, doors 7:30pm, show 8pm; all ages; $10

Creeper Lagoon1 4 Last year's S.F. version of Next Big Thing arrives with I Become Small and Go; christened "best new artist" in Spin's 1998 readers poll Same readers called Third Eye Blind "most underrated artist" Used to really suck
Grandaddy Small independent label Will released Stockton popster's moody and nostalgic Under the Western Freeway in 1997 Majors V2 deservedly rereleased same record last year Unnatural affinity for foliage
Death Cab for Cutie Pleasantly melancholic songs courtesy electronic piano, organ and cello; singer delivers vocals like folk-pop maestro Elliott Smith Proof that Bellingham, Washington, produces more than garage rock and rampant alcoholism Great band name comes from obscure phrase on Magical Mystery Tour
Rodriguez Spare, but good, hodgepodge of achy violins, breaky vocals and waltz times Central Valley trio with a few Parsons- period Byrds records in their collections California breadbasket good for more than artichokes, garlic and other assorted produce
Glasstown4 S.F. quintet tenders poppy orchestrations, whiny Neil Young vocals, and killer French horns Indicative demo tape song title: "You and your potential" None
Saturday 27
Bottom of the Hill, doors 1:30pm, show 2pm; 21 and over; $7

Murder City Devils Lead singer Spencer Moody references Night of the Hunter and eulogizes New York Doll Johnny Thunders; once dubbed "The Truman Capote of punk" Subtle, "subtle like a T-Rex"; Sub Pop record Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts = The Stooges' Fun House with a Farfisa Hometown Seattle hardly "Murder City"; band members reportedly not "Devils"
Kingdom First4 San Francisco five-piece making sludgy garage rock with amphetamine tics to Iggy, Angus and the White Panthers Catharsis on a stage Ferocious singer Matt Jervis actually a personable fellow
Magnolia Thunderfinger Hot-roddin' Sacramento quartet revs well-researched greaser rock Kinda like Social Distortion: You love it or you don't Played 72 shows last year
Me First4 Pop-punk rock foursome with "two chicks, two dicks" Said chicks sing; said dicks play guitar and drums Consciously trying to shed "girl band" rep
Saturday 27
Cafe Du Nord, doors 4pm, show 4:30pm; 21 and over; $5

Track Star4 Sensitive S.F. trio hit essence of Sturm und Drang lo-fi on 1995's Sometimes, What's the Difference? EP Sensitive S.F. trio hit essence of Sturm und Drang lo-fi on 1995's Sometimes, What's the Difference? EP According to Wyatt Riot fanzine, singer/ guitarist Cusick owns Superman bedsheets
I Am Spoonbender4 Local four piece's debut Sender/Receiver a pastiche of harsh post-punk guitars, dubby bass and jumpy synthesizers "Avant-rock" just another way of saying "difficult" Time keeper Dustin Donaldson published that Metallica Drummer video
Openers TBA
Saturday 27
Bimbo's, doors 7pm, show 8pm; 18 and over; $15

Guided by Voices Constantly in flux Dayton, Ohio, group beloved for both inscrutable pop gems and drunken Roger Daltrey-style stage antics Rare proof that playing in a basement and releasing records to your friends for 10 years will actually get you somewhere Haven't made a coherent record since 1995's Alien Lanes
Beulah1 4 First album recorded on four-track by two mail boys and a violinist; soon-to-be released second credits 23 players Local miners off to see the elephant at the Beach Boys-Beatles Comstock lode Singer Miles Kurosky2 wants to father "Orch Rock" movement on next record
Snowmen4 San Francisco sketches on Last Days of the Central Freeway employ a winning combination of washy, open-tuned full-band numbers and weird solo four-track experiments Quiet, understated production tricks courtesy of the Snowmen and Fuck's Kyle Statham Frontman Cole Marquis the Methuselah of S.F. scene
Lunchbox4 San Francisco everyband with jangly oooohs, cool guitars and taut drumming; married couple shares singing duties Mediocre another word for boring 1,000 bands considered naming selves Lunchbox; 999 reconsidered
Sunday 28
Bottom of the Hill, doors 2pm, show 2:30pm; 21 and over; $8 includes all-you-can-eat barbecue

Fastbacks Bouncy Seattle trio formed in 1979; still cranks out more hooks than a Cheap Trick cover band The soul of the Noise Pop Fest seven years running, even though last year's show foolishly ill-attended Guitarist Kurt Bloch--along with Sub Pop honcho Jonathan Poneman--once played in a Cheap Trick cover band
Alien Crime Syndicate Singer Joe Reineke and drummer Shawn Trudeau once comprised two-thirds of early '90s S.F. noise pop über band the Meices Alien Crime Syndicate in sounds and themes, still the embodiment of the San Francisco sound circa 1993 Hard-drinking Meices once banned from Bottom of the Hill
Bracket Handicapping info unavailable Even odds
Bitesize Handicapping info unavailable Even odds
Sunday 28
Bottom of the Hill, doors 8pm, show 8:30pm; 21 and over; $7

Oranger3 Last year--as a four-piece fashioned from Overwhelming Colorfast leftovers--a banal altrock band This year--as a trio and on debut record Doorway to Norway--a wonderfully psychedelic rock outfit with overtures toward Flaming Lips, Beach Boys and the Who. Darlings of the San Francisco local band circuit, cf. Creeper Lagoon 1998 Ditched a bassist and got good
Sixteen Deluxe Austin, Texas, group traffics boy-girl vox, swirly My Bloody Valentine guitars and stunning film projections at live shows Great movie, underwhelming soundtrack Left "live music capital of the world" to record last album in San Francisco
¡Carlos!4 Noise Pop mainstays played first fest seven years ago History lesson: A living, breathing band that can actually remember a time when Upper Haight rocked Thirsty Swede gig in '94 rumored "best show ever"
The Elevator Drops Boston pop-psych trio sings about Jackie O., the Unabomber and Gary Newman Flaming Lips + media culture preoccupations not necessarily a bad thing "Be a Lemonhead (Beautiful Junkie)," 1996, a more sprightly and sarcastic heroin song than that Dandy Warhols ditty

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From the February 15, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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