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Gym Dandy?

By Mark Ewert

Q. Last year I was wrecked by this huge crush I had on this guy who works at my gym. He'd flirt with me, but then anytime I made an overture he'd look at me like I was a leper. For some reason I got really obsessed with him, and it caused me a lot of pain to be around him. This year I feel better about myself in general and have taken to going to the gym when he's not around. God knows I'm much more relaxed, but my question is, by avoiding him altogether, am I just running away and hiding?

A. What? Do you want me to lie and tell you that you are neurotic? Would that make you happy? Sorry, no can do. The card I drew for you is the Ace of Swords, which represents the birth of pristine new enlightenment. This can only be a good thing; however, we humans often don't like good things. You sound like you're suffering from what Buddhists call "nostalgia for samsara." That is, a discomfort with emotional and spiritual health, and a longing to return to messier ways. Don't go back! Yeah, sanity feels foreign, but deep down you already know how superior this new style is. Stay sharp.

Mr. Ewert can be reached for professional card readings at 415.252.9321

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From the March 6, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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