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Buss Stops

[whitespace] How is the Cyberbuss any different from a guy hooking up a laptop in his car? Here are some facts:

By Dara Colwell

There are 230 guys from 17 different countries involved in making the Cyberbuss run. Their mission, they say, is this: to educate people about the Internet, promote live events and connect people in remote places.

Although they take road trips and tag along at the art-car festival, their main activity is to go to the Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nev., and document the experience. Then they put this on their webpage for others to enjoy, for feedback, or to get a dialogue going, like can I get a ride next year?

The Cyberbuss is both real and virtual, a centerpiece around which activity happens. No different from filming a family get-together and tacking a bit of it in cyberspace--only your family probably doesn't dress like this.

What's next is the third-annual Costume Ball, which is to be held outside in Bayview/Hunters Point during April. A cross-section of San Francisco's arts community comes together for the mini-Mardi Gras. And yes, they take pictures of this too. The ultimate goal, they say, is to have fun.

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From the March 15, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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