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Whether outré or ooh la la, this season's fragrances pack a punch you know where

By Dara Colwell

Depending on age, gender, nicotine habit, time of month and natal propensity, smell can be a powerful sense. From delicate fragrances like amber to an asphyxiating stream of Lysol--or worse, Elizabeth Taylor's latest perfume--smell carries various messages: excitement, love, warm kitchens, promise. As far back as 6,000 years ago, fragrant substances were burnt, buried or worn to celebrate social and religious status and no doubt protect particularly sensitive noses from their owners.

As perfume evolved from exclusive Parisian salons to the American ready-to-wear market, so has scent. Now there is a scent for every man, woman and child and every imaginable lifestyle. From elegant and classic fragrance to an experimental line that gets right up your nose, here's an eclectic selection compliments of San Francisco's Eve.com:

Vivienne Westwood, Britain's reigning punk queen of fashion, has gone decidedly girly with her new line, Boudoir. An eau de parfum tinged with cinnamon, orange blossom, rose, marigold and viburnum, Boudoir harks back to a time when perfume was simply reserved for nobility. A full-bodied scent that smells of rose talc as it evaporates, Boudoir is pure womanhood encapsulated. For mature audiences only. (A 1.7-ounce bottle costs $67 and the line also includes body cream, dusting powder and bathing balm.)

If you've ever thought to yourself, "This smells so good I could eat it!" (we won't ask what), then Demeter's Pick-Me-Up line is either a dream come true or a cruel joke. With flavors such as Sugar Cookie and Gin&Tonic you may think you struck gold without the calories, but there's more. The trio of Tomato, Grass and Dirt ($40 for three) will make you feel right at home in the garden. For cruising, try the Rubber, Vinyl and Leather trio and forget fighting over the radio from the back seat. And Holy Water, Devil's Food and Angel Food urge you to overcome temptation. Dirt, Grass and Cucumber are hot sellers, but bear in mind that the fragrances don't mince words--you get exactly what you pay for. For teens out on the town, I recommend a bit of Sugar Cookie behind the ears before Mom tucks you in for the night. But for those of you on the wagon, Gin&Tonic might be too reminiscent of those bars you left behind--approach with caution! Whatever you opt for, it's bound to make an impression.

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From the March 20, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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