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Oral Compulsive

By Mark Ewert

Q. I have a really unhealthy relationship to food. Luckily I've avoided some of the more drastic manifestations of eating disorders, but I just think about food all the time, to the point where it interferes with my life. Do you have any advice?

A. Yes. Get yourself as much backup, as much loving support as you can, whether that's friends, family, therapy, 12-step groups, books, what have you. Don't try to "get through" this on your own.

The card I drew for you is the Tower. I almost never read cards as being about the future, I always interpret them as what's going on right now. And according to the Tower, what's going on for you is pretty traumatic. You're in the middle of a wrenching change in which, as you probably already suspect, your food obsession is what shrinks call "a presenting cause," i.e. the thing that finally drives you to seek help, though it in itself is only a symptom of something much deeper. The Tower is about tectonic shifts in the psyche, which shatter all that's false in your psyche. It sucks, but you'll be so much happier on the other side. Years from now you'll be so grateful for your food-malaise. It's going to be the goad that pushes you into a whole other life.

Mr. Ewert can be reached for professional card readings at 415.252.9321

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From the March 20, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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