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[whitespace] Smoke in Their Eyes

Camel attempts to burn the Puffs

By Dara Colwell

While Peachy's has faced some competition from roving Camel girls, Dave Pagliughi, who manages the drivers--and most importantly, the stock room--says it hasn't been serious. "Probably 25 percent of our business has been affected."

According to Pagliughi, 1015 and Shoreline, two of Peachy's biggest clients, didn't want the overlap with competing cigarette girls and let Camel's contract expire in January. At first, he says, Peachy's found it an occasion to rejoice. But Camel's marketing arm evidently renegotiated and Camel girls are still hitting the hot spots. "But I don't want to be negative," Pagliughi says. "The Camel girls have always been good to our girls."

Unlike Peachy's girls, Camel hawkers are paid by the hour, which gives them less incentive to do the hard sell, says Pagliughi. Peachy's is constantly hiring, although the post-New Year's winter slump means slower business; up to three dozen girls rotate on the roster. If you're interested, give them a call. You could end up covering the 22,000-seat Shoreline in Mountain View if you can talk the talk.

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From the March 20, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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