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House of Cards

[whitespace] tarot Trial by Tarot

By Mark Ewert

This Week: The Biotic Baking Brigade. This is the hapless trio who pied Willie Brown and now face criminal charges!

What does fate have in store for the Biotic Baking Brigade?

Like clumps of sea-oats, SF activist groups have a way of appearing out of nowhere, thriving for a season and vanishing. Or else hanging in there--sometimes aimlessly, sometimes for decades. Surveying the various groups currently "speaking Truth to Power," we naturally wish to know which horse to back--i.e., who's really going to keep fighting the good fight. Over the next few weeks, we'll see what the future has in store for some of our community's more colorful consciousness-raising comrades.

tarot Best possible future: Temperance (balance, moderation). The B.B.B. experiment with kinder, gentler pie-ings: consensual pie-ings. Politicos who've done wrong and wish to publicly atone choose voluntary pie-penance in this B.B.B.-sponsored '90s version of The Scarlet Letter. Everyone feels better. Mortals live in accord with the Will of Heaven.

Worst possible future: The Five of Cups (disappointment, betrayal). Embittered by their wrongful imprisonment, the B.B.B. emerge from jail vengeful and morose. Vigilante pie-ings turn ugly; indiscriminate attacks on law-abiding shmoes. Finally, the B.B.B. goes completely outer limits with the brutal meringue-ing of four schoolchildren in the Richmond--another sad example of good eggs going bad.

Mark Ewert is a professional card reader and can be reached for readings at 415/252-9321. To submit topical questions to House of Cards, email [email protected]. Book Bonus: Read Mark's true-life account of sleeping with William Burroughs at age 18, coming soon to www.nerve.com

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From the March 29, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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