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[whitespace] Concrete Runway

Haight & Ashbury

By Shay Nielsen

Name: Leo Don Walker III

Age: 18

What do you do?


What are you wearing?

Pants: Snug [editor's note: !!!] from Something Else, $60
Shirt: Lip Service from NaNa
G-String: Gregg Homme from Injeanious, priceless

Where are you from?


Where do you get your hair done?

Random barbers.

What is your favorite hobby?

Going to Liquid on Mondays and Progress at Liquid on Wednesdays. Progress because I love trance and house. They got it all. My friends there happen to be the DJs.

What do you think of SF's fashion scene?

There is a lot of originality, but everyone seems the same. Everyone is in big shoes and all the cool inexpensive stores like Urban Outfitters have nice styles. But it is cheaply made crap .

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From the April 3, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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