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Tryst of Fate

By Mark Ewert

Q. Dear Card-man, I hear you're leaving us! Please answer one last question before you go. What does your Tarot deck say about cyber affairs? There's this girl I've been chatting with online for over three months, and we really smoke! I don't think either of us wants to meet face-to-face, but we want to keep up our virtual trysts. My wife of two years doesn't know. Is this infidelity?

A. You seem to have mistaken me for Moses. I'm not really the one to hand down moral legislature regarding how you ... um ... point and click. But I can say that the card I drew for you is the Ten of Wands--exhaustion, victimhood, "the grind." In your marriage, your vital force--which is what Wands represent--is dragging low because of your own grim concepts of marriage and duty. Maybe you and your partner need to talk about having a more open relationship, or maybe you need to tinker with your own psychological wiring--whatever it takes to get over your "I'm bearing the weight of the world" pity-party. For the most part, slavery has been wiped off the planet. No one is saying "Thou shalt have a cheerless marriage." No one is holding a gun to your head.

Mr. Ewert can be reached for professional card readings at 415.252.9321

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From the April 3, 2000 issue of the Metropolitan.

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