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Oral Delights

[whitespace] Tasty Tickles Kandied Body Powder

Nose Candy: Tasty Tickles Kandied Body Powder satisfies the more sensual senses.

Sexy edibles add flavor to anyone's love life

By Dara Colwell

I just gave up smoking, and my gnawing oral fixation led me straight into Good Vibrations, but not for a phallic replacement. No, I'm getting my shakes, battery-free, from food. And Good Vibrations, while far from being a supermarket, has a great--if slightly oily--dessert selection.

Take the Enrichments Massage Kit (tastefully posed couple on the front not included), a $25 unctuous collection of edible peach-brandy oil, cinnamon-spice massage oil and kiwi-spice body lotion. After a good massage, you'll smell like a sexy fruit basket and be as smooth as a shuffleboard court. Inside, there's even a sex-play board game. Just flick the arrow to see which body part will be on the giving and receiving end (although the "two fingers, each hand" seems rather odd).

Then walk past the vibrator museum full of old power tools and discover Tasty Tickles Kandied Body Powder, a $12 tin canister full of confectionary delight. Dust your neck and shoulders with Wild Strawberry or Chocolate Raspberry Powder and forget the Häagen-Dazs! Your lover won't stray near the freezer section again as each soft, sugary kiss will satisfy any sweet tooth. There's also Kama Sutra Honey Dust at $22, for an exotic, sensual twist (which smells less like Quik). I must admit, I caved in and bought some of this--it's exquisite and smells like condensed innocence.

And for those calorie-counters, a $6 jar of Kissing Chocolate will sweeten romance as it sculpts your lips. All for just 10 calories a serving, depending on the fullness of your mouth. This seems less sexy to me, somehow, triggering vague memories of dribbling a chocolate Dairy Queen bar all over my face at 18 months. And aside from the lip brush, a family-sized jar of Nutella would do just as well.

Bon appétit!

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From the April 12, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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