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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Denise Johnson
Photograph and text by Elana Koff

Hayes Valley

Name: Denise Johnson

Age: fortysomething

What are you wearing today?
Glasses: They are Maude Frizon. There used to be a Maude Frizon store downtown in Union Square, but it doesn't exist anymore.

Tank: Replay in North Beach a couple of years ago.

Cardigan: I purchased this at Worldware on Hayes Street this past fall season. It's an angora and cotton blend.

Slip Dress: I think it's Anna Sui. I found it at New West when they were on Brannan Street over a year ago.

Bag: Oh, it's Calvin Klein, and I bought it at Marshalls. It was great because this particular bag was marked $35, and the rest of them were marked $45.

Shoes: Converse Mules, from somewhere on Haight Street last year at the end of the spring season.

Bracelet: Jewelry vendor who came to the front desk where I work.

Who cuts your hair?: Ron Pernell at Ron Pernell Hair Studio in Union Square.

What fashion magazines do you read?: I like European mags like the Italian Donna. Some other ones I like to look at are Jane, Martha Stewart, Hemp Times, W and Allure.

Do you have any beauty and health secrets? I make milk-and-honey baths all the time. I don't drink milk, I bathe in it.

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From the April 20-May 3, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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