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Pop and Shop!

[whitespace] Prescriptions for better living

Photographer: John Pickelle
Stylist: Amanda Nowinski
Models: Iuliya of Look and Heather

Dema, 1038 Valencia Street, SF 94110, 415.206.0500
Nneka, 2278 Union Street, SF, 94123, 415.931.6541
Grand, 1435 Grant Avenue, SF, 94133, 415.951.0131
Fife, 1415 Grant Avenue, SF, 94133, 415.677.9744
Utopia Planitia, 624 Bush Street, SF, 94108, 415.362.1277, www.uplanitia.com


Flying High:

Iuliya: Orange Down Vest, Nneka, $136; Orange Knee-Length Skirt, $84; Silver Platform Sandal, Luichiny, $90

Heather: White Blouse, Fife, $130; Navy Blue A-Line Skirt, Fife, $90; Silver Sandal, Luichiny, $85


The Doctor Will See You Shortly:

Iuliya: Pink Striped Half-Sleeve Shirt, Dema, $120; Pink Linen Cropped Trousers, Dema, $110; Purse, Suzan Briganti, $76; Silver Sandal, Luichiny, $85

Heather: Green Sleeveless A-Line Dress, Dema, $130; Bag, Suzan Briganti, $76; Black Platform, Luichiny, $100


A Cure for Ennui?

Iuliya: White Mesh Top, Fife, $68; Orange Knee-Length Skirt, Nneka, $84

Heather: Navy Blue Bandau, Fife, $28; Slate Blue, Long Side-Slit Skirt, Fife, $90


Uppers and Downers:

Iuliya: Lime Green Knee-Length Dress, Nneka, $138; Silver Platform Sandal, Luichiny, $90

Heather: Hot Pink Silk Halter Dress, Utopia Planitia, $198; Blue Sandals, model's own

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From the April 26, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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