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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Boulder
Elana Koff

Muni @ Castro

Name: Boulder

Age: 35

What do you do?: Designer and artist of accessories and hats. Overall wardrobe stylist.

What are you wearing today?: Blue vinyl jacket: Purchased at Bulletproof thrift store and redone. I don't like buttons, so I replaced the original buttons on the jacket with common-sense fasteners, put western collar tips on and replaced the horses originally on the tips with spikes.

Navy polka-dot button-down: Salvation Army on Sutter. Nylon Skyr Brand. Again, I took the buttons off and put on snaps.

Pants: Sutters brand skate-pants purchased at Goodwill. I cut and frayed the bottoms.

Shoes: Baby-blue patent leather Adidas. Made hole on top of shoe and screwed on spikes. I don't like laces, so I used kilt pins in the lace holes to where it is comfortable, then punched holes along the top part of the sneaker and put hardware and spikes in the grommets.

Sunglasses: Global Eyewear.

Bag: Bought it at a thrift store in Monterey and changed the handles.

Hat: Thrift in San Francisco.

Who does your facial designs?: I do. I have been shaving different designs on myself for 11 years, like curlicues and other angular lines and stuff.

What fashion magazines do you read?: I don't look at magazines much anymore, but when I do, I check out European mags and sometimes Face and Details.

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From the April 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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