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What's Your Bag?

[whitespace] Text by Anne St. Amant
Photographs by Andrea Chu
Editors of the local fashion zine Average Joe

Bags. Everybody carries one sometime. How would you describe yours? Some cheap little purse? The backpack you've kept since college? Time to chuck the promotional canvas tote and get yourself a brand-new bag. Better yet, get two. Your bag is not an extension of your wardrobe--it is your wardrobe.


This handbag is great on its own, but pairing it with hip-huggin' jeans and a cute little shirt makes it even better. It's the small details that separate this bag from the rest of the leopard-print pack. Check out the chain-mail handle and clasp-closed top. This bag is definitely the center of attention.


Sanrio specializes in the adorable, but only some of their stuff is cool. Notice the funky fabric, attractive and water-resistant. Plus, the understated logo looks slick. This backpack is good for carrying around the city. It's flashy and full-sized (big enough to hold one day's worth of gear) and, what's more, it's Keroppi.


Why carry the typical tricolored double-wide? Courier bags are popular, and this one by Manhattan Portage is unlike most seen on the MUNI. Big enough to hold a jacket and a magazine, yet it's still small enough to pass as a purse (allowing you to ignore the "check your bags" law that rules retail).

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From the May 4-17, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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