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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Concrete Runway Post & Powell

Words & Pictures by John Pickelle

Name: Myra

Age: 21

What do you do?: I'm a medical assistant.

What are you wearing?: Glasses: Giorgio Armani, Sandals: Nine West. Pants: Esprit. Top: XOXO

Where do you get your hair cut?: House of June (Daly City).

What magazines do you read?: Vogue, Glamour, People and Elle.

What do you think about fashion?: Fashion is the way you wear it, the way you present yourself. It's self-expression. I like to wear things that are in style or brand names.

Do you have a personal mantra or philosophy: What the hell are you doing? There are so many places to go and there are so many things to do, but people never concern themselves with God or going to church.

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From the May 10, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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