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Spring Reading

[whitespace] Love advice from the Great Beyond

By Mark Ewert

Until now, there's been no card reader in history willing or able to do a reading for an entire mass audience. But now, using the power vested in me by the Holy Spirit, I'm about to do just that. Behold! A reading for all you cats out there who've just about given up on love but are nevertheless shocked to find yourselves holding out hope one more time in this surging season of spring.

"Can he really do that?" you ask. "Can he really address a whole bunch of us as if we were just one person--isn't there some kind of a law?" Well, kids, as a psychic I never wear my seat belt, and I can't drive 55. This reading goes out to all you almost-but-not-quite-completely-cynical dudes and dudettes who once again are feeling the sweet stirrings of amour. Good luck.

OK, recently you've been focused on your long-range plans, trying to figure out who the hell you are and what you want to do in life (Two of Wands). You've done such a good job dealing with these questions that you've turned a significant corner in your life and are now starting a whole new phase. The hope this gives you, plus the natural exuberance of springtime, makes you feel frisky and festive again--dare I say romantic (Four of Wands)?

The environment around you (The Wheel of Fortune) is so very overabundant, so popping with new opportunities, that it's actually freaking you out (Nine of Swords). "I want to take a gamble, but, oh, woe is me, I've been hurt so many times before"--Snap out of it! Get it out of your head! This part of your brain has turned to poison. Instead, access Big Mind or your Higher Power (Ace of Swords), whatever you believe in and want to call It, and ask Him, Her or It for clarity. See things anew and not through the eyes of ego. You can't do this alone--you already tried that, remember?

Finally, if you stay grounded and present and avoid future-tripping on either your hopes or your fears, you'll prevail and make good decisions (The Emperor). Hang in there and you'll have a positive new relationship that breaks free of bad old dynamics (Page of Pentacles). Just remember, you're still a toddler where love is concerned. Give yourself all the love and encouragement you need and remind yourself that it's developmentally appropriate to be shaky when you try something new--that's how you gain a sense of balance.

Mark Ewert is a professional card reader and can be reached for readings at 415.252.9321. To submit topical questions, email [email protected]

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From the May 10, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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