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Dining Out Vegetarian

[whitespace] What's good about San Francisco

By Paul Adams

Probably the vegetarians of San Francisco realize how lucky they are to live here. Greens, Millennium, and the like are assets, yes, but other cities have vegetarian restaurants. Even die-hard meat-eating burgs like Chicago have one or two oases where wretched malnourished vegetarians can marvel through their tears at a vast menu of nonmeat dishes.

What sets San Francisco apart is that most of its restaurants have something for the vegetarian. Whereas in another city the quest for a place where vegetarians can dine is never-ending, and often turns up nothing more than Subway, the majority of menus here include at least one meat-free dish, no matter how carnivore-oriented the restaurant--that's just the way the city is. This makes it very easy to bring one's vegetarian friends out dining without worrying if they'll have to make do with bread and then grab a burrito later. Praise be.

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From the May 18-31, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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