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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Stephen Anderson Haight at Fillmore

Photos and Text by Elana Koff

Name: Stephen Anderson

Age: 21

What do you do?: Retail sales.

Tell me about your scooter:

I've been saving up for one and bought the body last summer for $400 from a friend. I sanded it down and then painted it this way. I was able to get some credit cards and bought some accessories. I've acquired bits and pieces through friends and other scooter owners. Some of the lights I've purchased at Valencia Cyclery.

Actually, the lights are designed for low-rider bikes. The others I collected from friends who sell lights for cheap and/or trade. I've put the scooter together little by little.

What are you wearing today?:

Shirt: It's used. I bought it at Sparky's Trading Co. on Haight and Cole. My friends own the shop. I sometimes find things at Wasteland and Das Pussycat.

Glasses: From the Harley-Davidson store down on Page.

Helmet: From Darwin Motors and painted it.

Pants: These I bought at Wasteland last summer.

Shoes: Sparky's.

Do you read scooter magazines?:

I only read the English ones, Scootering International in particular. I don't like the American ones.

Personal mantra?:

Basically, my theme is anything '60s, be it fashion, music, style. There weren't the bad vibes as there are today.

Today, there is always attitude and b.s. in fashion. It's important to me that I make things the way I want them. It's the only way to do it.

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From the May 18-31, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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